October 23, 2021

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The Hidden Trauma of Overachievement

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What’s your why? 

If you’re serious about beginning your individual enterprise, this is a crucial query to ask your self. Why do you need to begin a enterprise? 

Is it since you really feel referred to as to a goal? Is it since you really feel burnt out and overwhelmed in your company job? 

If it’s the latter, it is essential to grasp the explanations you feel overwhelemed. 

We’re a society that values success above most, if not all, issues. Success will be fantastic, when it comes from a spot of authenticity, goal, and alignment. 

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Nonetheless, success doesn’t all the time equal happiness or success, especailly once we chase success blindly with no sense of goal and we use that success as a measure of our personal self-value and value. 

Many people subconsiously chase success out of unrelenting must be good, to achieve exterior validation that we by no means obtained in childhood, and to show ourselves worthy of affection. In her guide Tips on how to Do the Work, Dr. Nicole LePera writes that the overachiever “Feels seen, heard, and valued via success and achievement. Makes use of exterior validation as a method to deal with low self-worth. Believes that the one strategy to recieve love is thru achievement.” 

As overachievers, we frequently use our careers as a strategy to distract ourselves from unhealed wounds and preserve ourselves busy sufficient to keep away from any actual kind of intimacy. 

This was true for me. I chased success in a company job for over 10 years, always ignoring my genuine self whereas chasing achievement for validation and utilizing work as a strategy to ignore my previous and my ache. It definitely labored in making me “profitable” — I used to be making six figures as a supervisor in a worldwide consulting agency by age 25. 

It was nice, till I awakened sooner or later and realized I used to be depressed, unfulfilled, and doing something I may to keep away from feeling this big hole in my life. Continually overworking myself and striving for perfection burnt me out. I didn’t need to keep in my job, however I had no concept what I needed to do. I had no concept what made me pleased, or what was fulfilling to me. The considered being something lower than good and profitable in a “good” job appeared like failure to me. Plus, the cash I used to be making was a type of validation and safety. I did not need to danger that. 

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Many people had childhoods that didn’t permit us to precise our true selves. For individuals who had been deserted not directly as a baby, whether or not via abuse or neglect or had dad and mom who pushed them to be a sure method, we weren’t allowed to really feel heard or seen. Consequently, we deserted our true selves and our true needs. We discovered to outlive by ignoring our authenticity and excessively counting on one in all our 4 human survival responses: struggle, flight, freeze, or fawn. 

Perfectionism and “driven-ness” are literally flight responses, a survival intuition for emotional abandonment as a baby.

In his guide Complicated PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving, therapist Pete Walker writes that “many flight varieties perpetually keep busy and industrious to keep away from being triggered by deeper relating. Others additionally work obsessively to good themselves hoping to sometime turn out to be worthy sufficient of affection. Such flight varieties have nice difficultly displaying something however their good persona.” 

When developed healthily, the flight response insures good boundaries, assertiveness, and wholesome self-protection when essential. When always relied on as a necessity for survival or an try to deal with unhealed wounds, our survival intuition impairs our capability to loosen up in an undefended state. It additionally dulls our consciousness of our previous trauma and distracts us from our emotions of misalignment. 

This results in the workaholic. 

The one who is all the time “on”.

The Kind-A character who rushes to realize. 

The perfectionist. 

The overachiever. 

This results in fixed doing, and worrying or planning if you find yourself not doing. 

This results in burying ourselves in work to keep away from authenticity and vulnerability. 

This results in anxiousness, panic, burnout, and in additional extremene instances, habit, melancholy, and typically suicide. 

As Dr. Lepera writes, it “will be devestating for these in historically desired professions who wrestle to deal with the misalignment of their careers, use substances, expertise psychological well being points, and in excessive instances, even commit suicide.” 

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Walker futher illustrates this by writing, “Flight varieties are additionally inclined to the method addictions of workaholism and busy-holism. To maintain these processes buzzing, they’ll deteriorate into stimulating substance addictions.” 

As entrepreneurs, we need to construct our companies authentically and with goal. We need to work onerous, however keep away from burnout. We need to really feel aligned with what we’re constructing. We don’t need to use our enterprise as a distraction for all times, we need to use it to create lives we love. 

In the event you are usually a perfectionist or an overachiever, you could think about that there are childhood wounds you continue to have to heal. 

Solely once I began my therapeutic course of was I in a position to really connect with myself and discover a profession I felt deeply aligned to. Therapeutic helped me develop my enterprise from a state of peace as an alternative of panic. Therapeutic helped me develop my enterprise with the objective of impression as an alternative of validation or achievement. 

Once you develop your online business from a spot of authenticity and alignment, you might have the chance to create impactful success and construct a satisfying life you are feeling aligned to.

It’s by no means too late to begin the therapeutic course of, and construct a satisfying life. 

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