7 Common Entrepreneurial Traps

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Being an entrepreneur is actually quite dangerous. No, I’m not saying it’s at the level of danger first responders or medical workers on the front lines have to deal with, but hear me out: There are certain pitfalls and traps entrepreneurs can easily fall into that can ruin your health, your relationships, as well as your overall happiness.

Since the best offense is a good defense, I’ve outlined the top seven traps or pitfalls I see entrepreneurs fall into (and a few I’ve fallen prey to myself), listed in descending order, as well as some knowledge that will equip you with what to do if you do fall into one of these traps mistakenly. 

7. Expecting results too soon

The media loves covering overnight successes, and it’s easy to read or listen to one of these stories and start comparing ourselves to that success. But if you actually take a moment to do some digging behind these overnight success stories, you realize they were not overnight in the slightest. In fact, their success actually took years of work, grinding and effort. My recommendation for you is

The Function Of Internet In Enterprise

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How Worthwhile Is The Stress Washing Business?

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How to Succeed as a Millennial Entrepreneur

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We all have our unique entrepreneurial journeys. As a member of the millennial generation that now dominates the world population, it’s our generation’s challenge to build a better world through the products and services that we offer, and also through the values that our businesses stand for. 

This Herculean mission for millennial entrepreneurs comes with challenges that are unique to our generation. And when there are new problems, we are compelled to address them with new solutions, too. 

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Here are five actionable steps that millennials can implement to help them overcome obstacles and forge their way to entrepreneurial success.

1. Eliminate your distractions

Millennials are a distracted generation. We’re known to have such short attention spans that a simple Facebook notification could break a productive streak. And while a lot of things demand our attention, that doesn’t mean they’re all important.

As entrepreneurs, it’s essential that we’re able to set aside distractions and focus on the things that really matter: our goals and visions, and the tasks at hand to make those dreams come true.

As a tech-savvy generation,

Alestra Seeks to Continue Innovating With International Scaleups

Six international scaleups entered Alestra’s Open Innovation and Soft Landing Program. They are linked to AI, IoT Cybersecurity and Blockchain.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Regardless of the size of an organization, to ensure its permanence over time and sustained growth, it requires a process of continuous innovation. There are several ways to achieve this, but several medium or large organizations have opted for open innovation processes to achieve it.

Such is the case of the Monterrey technology provider, Alestra, which this year celebrates 25 years of existence and which has found in the support of startups and corporate acceleration, a way to help organizations to be more productive through digitization.

Since 2016 Alestra has carried out open innovation processes through its NAVE program. With it, he has achieved a greater culture of innovation within the organization, the development of seven new products, innovation with clients (he has managed to connect more